Bringing Happiness is better than being happier

Bringing happiness is better than being happier.

Young altruists step into 2016 with a noble effort. Yes, being one among you I’m glad to see the increasing number of altruists in our group since its inception. It’s encouraging to see you there at a place where a number of young kids having lost almost all the invaluable relationships at this tender age, are confronting life challenges to find a meaning for their birth.I strongly believe this decision of yours to give something back to the society which has given you a lot so far , should definitely give a deep sense of satisfaction. Being an agent of positive change in the lives of many is equivalent to lighting up one’s own future. It’s incredible to stand up for and with a person until he/she is ready to live on his/her own.

You are there at good life center as you had put yourself on the heels of those children .
How would one, like this world to treat him /her if he/she had been rendered helpless ! – ask your friend who was out partying on that same day when you were here. At times, it takes tough questions to understand the reality.
Spread the word. Be an altruist. Find the real purpose of life.

See you again on republic day !