Where is this country headed to ?

Of late there have been a number of reports in a leading newspaper about the recent violent expression of intolerance to lethal effect by an aggrieved community.

It is quite normal (I believe) for a layman failing to understand as to why that newspaper came out with a story on such a secret area for so many consecutive days. But as time passed by, the same layman would eventually understand that this has been done deliberately with the purpose of raising awareness among the people of the same wounded community with others in a secular republic.

It is also alarming to note that a number of people have been radicalized or influenced by some fringe elements that drew them all the way from their home turf to a place ruined by the geopolitical ambitions of the advanced economies.

What so ever may the reason behind these stories, one can be assured that democratic nations very own intelligence agencies are on the run behind those influenced by the troublesome ideology and hence no where in near future are we under an imminent threat.