Educate Young India

“Education is a powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Why did he say that, if he had believed that MONEY can do all good for this mankind ? , Well there is something for everyone of us to notice here.Its a fact that  ‘If you provide food to the poor, they will be happy for that moment’ .’If you offer money to the poor, they will be happy till it comes zero’.

But if you educate a poor one, his/her whole generation will stand benefited for years to come. How can we arrive at such a conclusion without any basis ,particularly at a time when a number of jobless educated youths are on the roads demanding jobs. Great depression, Recent recession etc.. lure us into the belief that ‘If Money is there,this world wouldn’t have seen any of these issues’ – Don’t they ?

Well,if you are someone who has been lured that way in the recent past,please remember that ALL THESE ARE TEMPORARY.of all the other wealths only one is indestructible and yes as you guessed it’s the KNOWLEDGE.

To be Continued….


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